Onscreen Keyboard

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Take it for a spin!
Runs on Tablet/XP/2000 system and it's free for the the first two months!

Now you can have a full keyboard on your Tablet Computer to work with any application!

  • Enter:
    • All Letters and digits,
    • All special characters,
    • All Alt and Ctrl Combinations
    • All accented characters
    • All cursor navigation commands
    • Editing commands (Cut, Paste, Copy, etc.)
    • All function keys (F1-F12)
    • Start, Menu,, Home, End, and Insert keys.
  • All of these using one floating keyboard
  • Resize it!from 1/100th of your screen area up.
  • Reshape it! Make it vertical, horizontal or compact.
  • Make it Transparent! So you see what you enter underneath it!

Use MessagEase keyboard to interact with ANY application which requires keyboard input! You can even combine its keyboard commands with your stylus taps and drags.


  • Works with :
    • Word: In addition to typing all letters and characters, you can issue editing commands directly from MessagEase's keyboard
      • Bold (Ctrl-B)
      • Italic (Ctrl-I)
      • Find (Ctrl-F)
      • Spell Check (F7)
      • Or enter editing command directly!
        Without opening a single menu!

    • Excel: Enter formulas, define macros, or Navigate through your document with your stylus never leaving the MessagEase keyboard!

    • Outlook: Read, save, delete, compose, and send only using a small yet powerful keyboard!

    • Photoshop: Use Alt, Ctrl, and Shift combinations to issue stylus commands, Alt and Ctrl Combinations.

    • All other applications: Control everything in Access, PowerPoint, or any other menu-driven application without touching or opening their menus!

Download MessagEase and see how it works!
You can even work with it on a regular PC using a mouse.

Download the help files of MessagEase Onscreen Keyboard

Want to know the science behind MessagEase?
Download our ICMI paper!

MessagEase Onscreen Keyboard is a new, innovative way to enter text on small mobile devices when a full external keyboard cannot be used. It provides the fastest and easiest way of entering everything that you would enter using an external QWERTY keyboard.

An external QWERTY keyboard is designed for ten fingers. But on a Tablet PC you use a single stylus (or a single finger on some models) to interact and enter text. Using an onscreen QWERTY keyboard with a single stylus is quite arduous and frustrating, as you spend a lot of time moving back and forth, pecking tiny keys.

MessagEase, on the other hand, is designed for a single stylus. Based on several years of research in the Computer Human Interface, MessagEase is optimized to reduce stylus movement to ease text entry and to increase its speed. I


MessagEase also works on a PDA (Palm and Pocket PC) and has a large number of dedicated users. If you are a PDA user, you may want to visit our Yahoo group (1500+ members strong)

Our PDA users tell us that it took them an hour to a day to get used to MessagEase and become proficient at it. The little time you spend learning it is well worth the effort, as you will be entering full text much faster with MessagEase than any other comparable system.